The Charlie Hunter Trio at the Real-Phonic Radio Hour

It was a magical night in Saint Paul MN with some incredibly talented and passionate musicians sharing the stage at the Real-Phonic Radio Hour. The Real-Phonic band with Erik Koskinen, Paul Bergen, JT Bates, and Frankie Lee opened the night. Next up was Gabriela Sweet accompanied by Molly Maher on guitar, JT Bates on drums and Chris Bates on upright bass. The Charlie Hunter Trio then took to the stage with Bobby Previte on drums, and Carly Meyers on trombone. The mood onstage was nothing short of joyous and it was something special to be in the presence of such gifted, passionate musicians. The performances this night will be something I always remember. Ann Treacy had a nice write-up about the show on TC Daily Planet. I loved the set at the end of the show with all the musicians onstage together. JT and Bobby on dueling drums was amazing.