“WhooooHoo! It’s awesome…I absolutely love it! The pictures are more wonderful than I ever could’ve imagined! You have been wonderful Jenn….not only are you a great and fun photographer…but you’re an amazing person as well! It’s been a pleasure getting to know u and spending time with you! PS…I love the photo strip at the end? J I clapped when the slideshow was over…and I’m all alone in my office so I guess that shows how much I loved it?    Tina A.


They are fabulous!  Your skills captured Ryan’s skills and for the first time ever – I did not say –“photos never can quite capture the event, you know”  This time, you certainly did!  Thank you so much Jenn!  Cheryl K. Executive Producer, Atmosphere Events.


Jenn…these are GREAT photos…I really enjoyed them and the slide show.  Thanks for all your hard work and effort. Carrie V.


Hi Jenn!  We FINALLY just looked @ the photos – THEY ARE AWESOME! Paula B.


The pics got emailed to me and they are amazing!  Well done! Nicole R.


The Jackson Hole pictures are amazing!! Great job!! Mark P.


 Amazing job on the photos, we watched the slideshow another 10 times this morning! Matthew Trettel. TCBA


 Wow, your photographs are amazing!  I love your style.  You really capture the spirit of the places you photograph. Katie F. Easy Euro Trip


 We are so happy that you were with us yesterday. We appreciate all of your talent, style and creativity.  Dasha N.


 As far as photographers go, you know there are a lot of photographers that are out there, but she is really really great at capturing the moment and the essence of that spark between a couple.


It's more than just documenting the event and the location, anybody can do that. You want a photographer that can capture the moment with a single click. Anyway, if you want photos that 20 years from now your kids will look back on and say, wow, look at how good mom and dad looked then she's your photographer.


You did a great job on the photography this weekend. Beautiful slide shows! Awesome. You're good! John B.


Nice work!  I am really happy that you captured the moment with your premium quality photographic eye.  We enjoyed a rare full sun day with plate glass water on Lake Superior. I also like your paragliding shots with the clever G-Love sound track and Ken Burns fade feature on the slide show. Randy C.


Wait, first off, great pictures!  I like your stuff. Also, have enjoyed your adventures via Twitter. Karl P.


those pictures are awesome! Masha B.


I love all the photos --- They are great! Thanks again for doing all this :) I can't wait to see the book! Alison T.


You're SO talented Jenn. You realize that, don't you? Holly Munoz Aviette/Drawfire Records


The Pictures you tagged are GORGEOUS!! I can't wait to see more :D Amanda Y.


Hi Jenn, the ad in MN Bride turned out great!I think at least half of my friends bought it and just walk around with it open to that page! and everyone of them is banking of you for their weddings too! your work is absolutely amazing. Leah W.


great photos! very cool. i keep seein ya with those aviettes! old buds? take care and have a good one. Bill Mike Band

You are a video star. Nice shootin' at the wedding this weekend. David D.

 Saw this online - congrats!Source: www.wpja.com Jennifer Barnett is a WPJA award winning wedding photojournalist from Minnesota. Yeah!!! Congratulations Jenn!!! Number 2 out of the entire world!!!! You are amazing, and this is so incredible, everyone should know about it!! Alison P.


Jenn!! Wow!! Those pictures are AMAZING!!! Looking back at all of them is crazy!!! It's hard to believe that i was there & i did it!!! :) GREAT WORK!!!! William D.


Jenn!! I love all the pictures.. i forgot about a lot of them!!!!! I miss Rome so much now! Mallory O.


The photos are so awesome, the slide shoes made me tear up, laugh and wish I were still there! You did a great job and cant wait to see even more!  Kelly M.


JENN!!!! OMG!!! The pictures are just fabulous! I was in tears looking through the pictures. Thank you so much for everything you did for us that weekend! There are no words that could do justice to describing how amazing the pictures are! We are soooo lucky to have you as our photographer! Thank you Thank you Thank you! Neelu B.


Thanks again for all the sweet pics and good times!  Anuj K.


“Jenn is wonderful to work with. An absolute pleasure and her talent is unmatched. She takes amazing photo's that really capture the moment. I never had to worry during planning our events that Jen would not do a great job. You in safe hands with Jenn and all your expectations will be surpassed. You can't go wrong. Adit Kalra”


“Jenn's website really speaks for itself regarding her talent and the quality of her work. She approaches each new project with fresh ideas, flexibility and energy. She is also open to ideas from her clients and has a calm, go-with-the-flow personality that makes her the ideal wedding photographer!”


“Jenn was our wedding photographer and was fantastic to work with. Prior to hiring her we had seen some of her pictures from other weddings and immediately fell in love with her work. She has a photojournalistic style that really captures the spirit and special moments of the occasion. Throughout the whole process, Jenn was a pleasure to work with and I would definitely work with her again for any special occasion.”


Jenn is a highly creative photographer who is a delight to work with. Jenn has photographed events for us and she always manages to capture not only the small details but the overall "heart" of the party! I highly recommend her!”


Jenn is an extremely talented photographer that recently captured the beauty and excitement of racing kayaks on Lake Superior at the 2008 Two Harbors Kayak Festival. Her ability to document Adventure Sports, work outdoors and inspire others to connect with nature is very impressive.”


Jenn is an amazing photographer who has captured beautiful images of my daughter and family. She has also photographed our products in a very creative and exciting way! She is a fantastic person and an outstanding photographer! Heather Farrier AIFD


I met Jenn when she was doing a friends wedding that I was a part of in 2007. She immediately impressed everyone with her creative and unique style and easy going attitude. Jenn seems to put in much time with her clients going above and beyond time requirements. Additionally, we loved the slide show she put together to showcase the wedding photos. We sent them to our friends and someone actually booked her just by seeing the slideshow, as did I for my upcoming wedding.”